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Dutiful daughters 0

Dutiful daughters

Simone de Beauvoir may be the patron saint of bloggers – “we used to talk about all kinds of things, but especially about a subject which interested me above all others: myself”

Red meat and Dennis the orangutan 0

Red meat and Dennis the orangutan

I am not one for topical posts, but this one is a factoid to be commented on. Australasians may well have seen the ads featuring Dennis the orangutan and Sam Neill. Now I am...

Avebury & Lacock (LW04, WH0373) 0

Avebury & Lacock (LW04, WH0373)

London Walks again came through on walk #4 (see the list of London Walks). In an eerie coincidence, they offered a day trip to Avebury and Lacock on the very day I was struggling...

Taking the waters 0

Taking the waters

20011125_Bath_general took the BBC at its word today, and assumed that a weather forecast of “bright” meant “occasional glimpses of sunshine filtered through clouds and no actual precipitation”. Never mind the Eskimos and their...