Monthly Archive: July 2007

san telmo 0

san telmo

went for a stroll around San Telmo on the weekend. According to the guide books, the portenos don’t like to go there because it is too touristy. No-one seemed to have told the locals,...

if it’s wednesday, this must be bristol 0

if it’s wednesday, this must be bristol

…not a gondola in sight, but it’s certainly wet enough for it.Have just lived through the flying visit from hell. Left BA Tues 12:30. Arrived Heathrow Wed 08:30. Arrived Bristol Wed 11:00. Left Bristol...

suburban weekend 0

suburban weekend

This is the view from my apartment at about 9:00 on Saturday. As you can see, the weekend weather was sublime. I think the temperature peaked at about 13 degrees. This was the first...

no delante de los criados 1

no delante de los criados

My apartment has a cleaner. Normal, right? Not this cleaner.When I got home Tuesday night I thought I had been visited by a poltergeist. Everything, I mean everything had been moved. She moved the...

Puerto Madero and Costanera Sur 0

Puerto Madero and Costanera Sur

20070715_BA_puerto_madero Puerto Madero is very new. So new in fact, half of it is under construction. Though it is well-supplied with up-market restaurants, furniture stores and hairdressers, it lacks the basic suburban amenities –...

Recoleta 0


20070714_BA_Recoleta Recoleta is a collection of parks and green spaces with a little cemetery in the middle. If you have ever visited Pere Lachaise in Paris, you will feel right at home. The cemetery...

you are now leaving the zone 0

you are now leaving the zone

on this side of the line of naval control – peace, tranquility, nice lighting, bridges and boats… on the other side of the tram tracks…cardboard collectors and stray dogs where Juan first met Eva.

Dead Cow Culture 0

Dead Cow Culture

everything here has dead cow in it – seriously, everything. I had dinner in the hotel restaurant last night (yes Tony, I do know better). Menu – cowhide. Placemat – cowhide (hair still on)....

Welcome to Buenos Aires 0

Welcome to Buenos Aires

well, I’ve survived the plane trip and gotten through the first couple of days in the office. Weather is cold and clear. Have not yet managed to get out of line-of-sight of the hotel,...