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  1. Wen says:

    I am wondering how he ever graduated with a degree of any kind, he can’t seem to be able to articulate anything beyond a three word slogan, as you say history isn’t his thing, facts are irrelevant to him, a bit of a worry actually.

  2. Peter Anderson says:

    Yes, he’s a very ignorant man. Remember also that he described CO2 as a weightless gas, which is a statement which would earn a high school chemistry student a fail. And yes, the Libs replaced Gorton in 1970-ish, and more recently, Victorian premier Napthine replaced Bailleu in identical circumstances to Gillard replacing Rudd. Not a murmur there about knives, or a leader ‘we didn’t vote for’. It all certainly suggests that a Rhodes scholarship is less worthwhile than an Australian public school education.

  3. blump kin says:

    bill gates: “australia’s internet is PALEOLITHIC” .. .standing in front of PRIME MINISTER JOHN HOWARD .. 1997!!

    and what changed in 11 years after that?.. NOTHING

    and they have the CHEEK to tell us they’re the party that will take us forward with mal’s ‘coppernet’

    physics lesson: coppernet.. speed of SOUND
    NBN fibre optic: speed of LIGHT (that’s 813,000 times FASTER than turnbullnet folks).

    the choice is clear.

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